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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Are you a hoarder?

Alright I'll confess, I'm a bit of a hoarder, I hang on to things that I know I really don't need nor have the space for, and I'm slowly running out of room. So tonight I cleaned out some draws.....

 I found old birthday cards to my husband right from when we first started going out (I kept these, got to hang on to some things right?) I found xray films from my 12 week scan with my first son and also came across my high school yearbooks. I ended up throwing away a whole garbage bag full of stuff I don't need to keep, clothes, papers, old batteries, broken photo frames, the list goes on and on.

I feel so much better for it and still have 3 draws to go but had to stop because the dust was making my nose itch.

So do you tend to hang onto things you really don't need just for the memories or are you tough and ditch it?


  1. Must confess I can be a little sentimental about stupid things and keep them for no real reason but I do make a conscious effort to throw out stuff and not keep things 'just in case'. Probably because my dad keeps so much stuff - it all has it's purpose but it's not really necessary.
    It's good to have a clean out now and then. Makes you focus on the important stuff! Setty.

  2. It sure does Setty, I have just cleaned out J's wardrobe and am getting rid of more clothes that dont fit him anymore, it feels good to de-clutter