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Thursday, 27 December 2012

New Years Resolutions

Christmas has come and gone and we are nearing the end of the year, gearing up for 2013, which makes me wonder how many people make New Years Resolutions, now I know at the top of most women's lists is to Lose Weight, this is also at the top of mine, I need to get back into getting healthy and looking after myself so I can therefor be a better person, mum and wife. I feel so much better when I'm eating well and losing weight, I would only like to lose around 8 kgs as I don't believe I'm meant to be too thin nor do i want to be, and we all know how hard it is to maintain once the weight has come off. So is losing weight one of your New Years Resolutions?

What else is on your list? another one on mine is to do washing every second day, so then it doesn't all pile up and the kids have no socks to wear. I would also like to try and cook a new meal every week, I tend to make the same things over and over and so I think something new and tasty is a must. I also want to go walking at least every second day, I want to participate in the Perth City to Surf in August so need to start preparing for it.

I don't feel as if I have made any unrealistic resolutions that I wont keep, we all know we have done that before, made an unrealistic promise to ourselves and then caved in on day 6, so for me, making realistic resolutions will hopefully keep me on track.

So what are yours?


  1. sounds gr8 nic!!mine is also to lose weight as i have been but possibly adding in more exercise when im feeling well enough.mine is also a bit of working on myself and trying to get back to me a bit,im finding these days that even if someone has done something down right hurtful to me,i find myself letting things go just a little too easy which i feel is making me feel and have that "doormat" feeling that doesnt fit well with me.i need to have more respect for myself and love myself a little more!!!yes its good to forgive but not let people "trample u in the process.i would also like to make as much time for kids even if housework declines a bit ,umm de clutter my life and house!!ooh and also get stuck into cake decorating which ive been collecting the books my mums been buying for when seths fulltime at shool next year!=)

  2. Those things sound great Leah, know what you mean about trying to put yourself first and stop letting everyone trample all over you, also learning to say no sometimes helps a lot too, I have also learnt to say when someone asks me to do something "I will have to check my diary" that way I can give myself time to decide rather than feel pressured into doing or going somewhere I really don't want to go.
    Cake decorating sounds fun!