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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Only 19 days to go!

Christmas is just around the corner, I think I'm more excited than the kids!! I have been very organised this year with laybying most of my kids presents in the July toy sales and then have found bits and pieces along the way. As a mum to 3 boys under 6 1/2 I feel I have to be organised, I cant go shopping with my 2 older boys in tow as they know what Xmas is all about, but I can go Xmas shopping with my 20 month old as he is oblivious to the whole thing, and as my nearly 4 year old is with me most of the time, this makes Xmas shopping very difficult, thank God for online shopping is all I can say!

My oldest boy C is obsessed with Skylanders, he got the game for his 6th birthday and I have been frantically collecting the little figurines for him ever since, he doesn't receive them for nothing though, I think he is getting around 6 of them for xmas as he is also getting the newest skylanders game, this is what he asked Santa for and I felt I couldn't disappoint. The last time he got a skylanders figurine was a few weeks back when he needed a blood test and I bribed him with the skylanders, he happily accepted.

My middle son Z isnt in to anything in particular, he just goes with the flow and will play with any toys available, he is getting some megablocks and a train table for Xmas, along with small bits and pieces.

My youngest blue is J, a small little bubba on his way to turning 2, he is starting to be very independant and is a climber, just this morning he climbed up onto our dining table and put some black decorative balls I have on there in the fish bowl which then turned the water black, I will be amazed if our pretty pink siamese fish Pinky will survive the day after breathing in all that muck, anyway J isnt getting a whole lot for Xmas, well not as much as the other two, im sure he would much rather play with the paper as much as he loves playing with the xmas baubles he pulls off the tree and hurls across the room.

So my question is, are you organised for Xmas? Or are you a last minute shopper that shops a few days before or heaven forbid on Christmas Eve?


  1. I am no where near ready! Em's presents are still on layby :-/ and I have got NOTHING for anyone else yet, oh my, better get myself sorted!!
    Sounds like your boys are getting spoilt!

  2. I was having a melt down, 30th Nov arrived and I had not brought a thing. (totally not like me at all! normally I am all finished by mid Nov) Just very busy with other commitments. I did our kids Christmas shopping all on the 1st Dec 4 shopping centres got it all done except for one gift. I now have to buy gifts for others. My two are 14 months apart and normally we buy two of everything. Not much has changed this year. Our gift list for the kids is a mile long. We just have crazy crabs left to get for them. Now to start wrapping! :) x

  3. ps. I am glad your blogging I think I might next year! great way to create a beautiful memory for your kiddies! x

  4. Wow, sounds like Xmas has crept up on some of you, lol, it comes around so quickly and I know most think "ahhh plenty of time" but before you know it, its here!!

    Trace, wow crazy crabs, are you going to get the normal shelled ones or the ones with the painted shells? The kids will love them!

    And Bec, I still have one layby to pick up but Im not getting it till the 20th December, I have absolutely no more room to hide the kids presents!