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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Xmas, are you ready?

So are you? Have you got everything you need and bought presents for those you need to buy for?

I am, I picked up the Xmas layby last night and thankfully all the boxes fit in my van.......just!

Everything is wrapped and ready to go, I always tend to wrap gifts as I buy them so then its not such a big job to do in the days leading up to Xmas. I really cant wait to put the presents out under the tree.

When I was little I was brought up that all the presents were from Santa and up until this year this is what my husband and I have done also but this year my husband and I have decided that some will be from Santa and some will be from us, because I don't want my kids to feel like they haven't received anything from us especially when I buy for other family members and my two nieces, so the presents under the tree will be from Santa and the swing set and see saw for outside will be from us.

What do you do in regards this situation, are all presents from Santa or just some of them?


  1. we always had that one special present from Santa and the rest from us as we loved the boys and wanted to show them by giving to them as well...Jett can't wait for his present from Santa, there is still a little bit of belief in him and he's 12, he also still puts the cookies and milk out and Santa rewards him with a big burnout on the front gravel but the reindeers make a mess every year eating the front bushes!

  2. That's awesome! I just think why should Santa get all the credit lol