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Monday, 4 February 2013

Are you a people pleaser?

Being a people pleaser can be a good and bad thing. We tend to go through life wanting praise and acknowledgement and being a people pleaser is where we can sometimes find ourselves ending up.

Do you do things for people when you really don't want to? do you go to a friend of a friend of a friends wedding or birthday party just because you were invited when in fact you really don't want to go? Or babysit someones child when you have been so busy with your own children that you just want time to yourself but you do it anyway because you feel like you have to just because you have been asked?

Don't get me wrong there is a difference between doing things for your family and friends and being a doormat.With those close to you, doing things for them isn't usually a problem, because usually these people do things in return for you and you love them so therefor you don't mind doing things for them.....within reason. Sometimes even the closest people to you can take advantage of you and because it is your mum, sister, brother cousin etc you let them.

A few years ago I was a people pleaser, until one day I decided enough was enough and I had to start saying No, saying no doesn't come easy and it can actually be quite confronting for some people because when they start saying no the guilt and feeling like a bad friend/person sets in. Then they start questioning their decision and then can stress over the situation, which can then affect other areas of their life.

Saying no can be liberating and once you get in the mindset of not having to please everyone, putting yourself first and letting go of the guilt, you may find that your life will be less stressful because you are letting go of doing the things you really don't want to do.

Go on, try it. Say No!

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  1. this sounds exactly like me!!!!! im at the point tho where Ive just had enough and im ready to tell people where to go!! well, its one person really, and yes its a close family member!! haha